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After moving, the old apartment must be thoroughly cleaned for the new tenant. When you leave the cleaning to a professional, you don’t have to do the cleaning yourself. Gamarra will take care of the final cleaning of the old apartment after a comfortable move.
Final cleaning is an important part of the move. If cleaning is neglected, the owner is entitled to claim compensation. For this reason, final cleaning should be left to professionals. In the hands of professionals, the cleaning is done carefully and accurately to keep the apartment in a tidy condition for the new resident.

What is included in the final cleaning?

Living rooms and bedrooms:

The walls are cleaned
Doors and door jambs will be wiped
Stains on the light switches are removed
The radiators are wiped
The baseboards are wiped
The floors are vacuumed and washed
Balconies are washed
The windows are washed
The cabinet doors and shelves will be wiped
The faucet, sink and tiles are cleaned
The cooker hood and oven are washed
The refrigerator and freezer are cleaned
Cabinet doors, shelves and drawer units will be wiped
Trash cans and cabinet are cleaned
The radiators are wiped
The door and door jambs will be wiped
The floor and baseboards are vacuumed and washed
Bathroom + WC:
Vacuuming and brushing the floor
The sink, faucet and mirror surfaces are cleaned
The shower, bath and shower screens are washed
The floor drain is cleaned
Cabinets and drawers are wiped
The toilet seat and hand shower are cleaned
The dust is wiped off
Removal of light switch stains
The door and door jambs will be wiped
The floor, benches and glass door are washed